Ear Training part 4

Ear Training part 4


Please read part 1,2,3 since I have not yet figured out how to sort these in reverse order.

Timing and rhythm are not usually associated with ear training, but if you are putting in the work with the previous exercises, you may as well work on timing and rhythm at the same time.


Theory Time, again.


For the purpose of this one part of the series, I am only giving examples written in 4/4 time. In a time signature, the first numeral tells you what type of note gets ONE beat and the second numeral tells you how many beats are in one bar.



The note values I will use will be limited to whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes.

1 whole note 2 half notes 4 quarter notes 8 eighth notes





Whole note gets 4 beats

half note gets 2 beats

quarter note gets one beat

Eighth note gets 1/2 a beat



a dot after a note gets half the notes value added to it.

a tie adds two ( or more )  or more notes together.






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In the next examples I will use the C note as our reference note, so instead of just remembering that pitch, you will be including it in the series of notes. 


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