Ear Training part 6

This is part 6 of a series on how to develop relative pitch.

here are is the audio of the example


We have been choosing a reference pitch and learning what the distance between the reference pitch and other pitches sound like, internally and externally.

Lets change it a bit. Pick a 6th. For example a C to an A. Sing the C then the A – Now pick another reference pitch and then sing a 6th up from that. A to F#. Then pick another reference note and sing a 6th up from that.

Then try with a minor third. C to Eb, then change the reference note, G to Bb, D to F. See example.

( do two lines of 6ths then 2 lines of minor thirds)

I have found that if you hear it, and then you can sing it, then you can play it.

If you then add to that, hearing the root of a chord against the melody, hear the steps between them – you will be able to sing the melody while hearing the root note of the chords in any key.

I have never considered myself a “writer”, and may not be describing some of this as well as I could,  so if you have questions about all this, feel free to ask.


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