The Variation exercise part 2

The Variation Exercise part 2


to refresh 

The rules 

  • in 4/4, create a 2 bar phrase and repeat. So you end up with 4 bars.
  • change one element in the first or second bar; either a note or the timing or both. Repeat.
  • be aware of your timing, your phrasing, how even your notes are and any mistakes in the patterns.
Thats it. In the example,  I illustrate how you might start the exercise. The little dots on the left / right sides of bar lines mean repeat to where last set of dots are. The two bars are played twice.
In the previous section, I played an example and put it on video – here,  I wrote out a starting idea and the variations that sprang from it. Don’t worry too much about how you start – as you progress, you can always subtract a note if the patters get too busy or confusing. 
Simple audio file of example
As you progress, you may notice some of the patterns are not musically logical. We need not concern ourselves with creating melodies or useable patterns at this point. In fact, it would be more helpful if you started exploring patterns and timing that might be unfamiliar to you. We all have habits and these habits can get in the way of letting us play something new. Something different. In jazz lingo, the chance to stretch.

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