Variations Exercise part 4

Variation part 4


Before I attempt another video example on another way to approach this – I thought I would illustrate the concepts with another example. I invented this many years ago as a way to practice. It seemed to be a good way to develop an idea gradually and also keep many things going at the same time – timing, logic, chord progressions, playing relaxed under pressure( this can become very complicated ) , a method to compose and repeat a pattern, not stop playing under pressure and a string of other items I have discovered over the years. I say I invented this as I have not been taught it or have heard about it anywhere else. I am sure I am not alone in thinking about this.


In this example, I follow the rules and then I let it go at bar 17 and keep the idea of the pattern alive but compose both bars and play a variation of the lines as a whole. Variations on a theme – no rules. 


When I do this for myself, I will hear or sing another line on top of the patterns I am creating on the bass. This is really doing many things at once. You can follow the basic rules of the exercise with the voice and play variations on the original theme on an instrument. 


I will try to make a video of this soon. I had started to play a little during lessons as I think it helped students in seeing and hearing something new. Sometimes I played bass, sometimes piano -sometimes I just sang the parts. These exercises can be used for a specific type of technique adjustment but mainly would be used to deepen music concepts and help get you to break some of your musical habits. 


Here is a simple audio file of the example





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